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Helping Families Prepare and Avoid Disasters with Estate Planning

Ben Weaver is an estate lawyer serving Arlington Heights, Prospect Heights, Mount Prospect, Des Plaines, Glenview, Park Ridge and Wheeling. Ben and 23 Legal can serve as a lawyer for wills, estate planning, probate law, elder law and living trusts.

Life is filled with uncertainties. Ben Weaver and 23 Legal are here to help. While there are numerous definitions for estate planning, our vision for estate planning is to provide the right estate law advising that gives you and your family peace of mind. What is an estate lawyer? An estate lawyer works with people from newlyweds in their 20s and 30s, to the very elderly; to help them make sure their long-term care needs are met.

23 Legal - Chicagoland Estate Law and Estate Planning - Helping families find peace of mind and plan for the future

23 Legal LLC is an expert in the laws of probate; the paperwork that is the foundation of the administration of your estate. As a lawyer who specializes in wills and estates, we want to remove any insecurity a family might have over the administration of your capital. After a lifetime of hard work, investing, saving and creating wealth, the last thing you want is for the government to take it all back. An estate planning attorney can protect you.

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23 Legal LLC: The Full Range of Estate Planning

Estate attorneys do much more than create wills. For example, we work in the area of elder law. Elder law frequently deals with long-term care of a parent. We want to ensure that your parents or a surviving parent is taken care of in the years ahead. This too is accomplished by estate planning to safeguard their assets by placing those resources in a living trust.

23 Legal - Chicagoland Estate Law and Estate Planning - Prepare your estate plan with Ben Weaver

At the other end of the age range, estate planning can appoint guardians for your minor-aged children should you prematurely die or become incapacitated – even if the incapacitation is temporary. No one likes to talk about these things; we can understand that. We would all rather talk about next Sunday’s football game or that trendy new Italian restaurant.

However, we can’t pretend that bad things only happen to other people or to other people’s parents. What we can do is to try to make sure that if something does happen that our estate, our children or even a surviving parent is protected and will have a good life.

With proper estate planning, you and your loved ones can enjoy life to its fullest!

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