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5 Tips for Moving Between States Seamlessly

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Are you becoming a new resident of Illinois? Let us be the first to welcome you to Illinois, the Land of Lincoln! Moving into a new home and state at the same time can be dually challenging. Whether you’re moving into Illinois from another state, or moving out of Illinois transitioning into a new state, both situations require wise planning to make sure the experience is as seamless and successful as possible!
Handling so many moving pieces at once can feel overwhelming! Avoid making common mistakes that can happen when moving from one state to the next with our guide.
“For those who love having access to all four seasons without having to travel, Illinois is a perfect landing place. Cold winters with beautiful snow are followed by thawing, blooming, and birds. Summer is hot and sunny, and in the fall the leaves turn gorgeous colors.” Clever
You’ve just finished closing on your new property, now the reality of transporting yourself, the family, and all of your belongings has set in. While this is of course a big deal and can come with major stress, please don’t panic! This is the exciting start of your next chapter! Our practical guide to moving from another state will help your experience to be less stressful and more organized.
Need a checklist for packing to make sure nothing gets left behind? Read our previous blog for the top 10 tips for a successful move!
“By beginning the planning process as soon as you know you will be moving, you can minimize stress and increase the likelihood that everything will go smoothly on moving day and afterward.” Houzz

5 Tips for Moving Between States Seamlessly - 23 Legal

Ready to get started? Check out 23 Legal’s top tips for moving between states as smoothly as possible…

1. Getting organized

The key to efficiently move across state lines is to have an organized system, calendar, and various checklists. Schedule all important dates associated with your move, family, and work, such as:

  • Closing date, when finalized payments are due
  • Last day of work or school
  • Move out day of current property
  • Dates for renting moving truck
  • Move in day of new residence
  • Last day that rent or mortgage payment of current residence is due

These dates should be considered priority. When you start to organize your moving calendar, knowing when vital dates are scheduled will prevent you from overbooking yourself and reducing potential stress or unexpected financial fees. If you share your calendar with family members, this keeps everyone on the same page. Google calendar is a great, free way to share dates with your household and anyone else involved with the move!

“Moving out of state requires way more planning than a simple local move. Knowing what to expect, and how to proceed, is half the battle.” My Move

2. Managing finances

Creating a realistic budget and knowing when to spend or save is key! Stay on top of your spending by doing the math upfront. Before packing up your home, calculate how much the move will actually cost. Using a moving calculator is a great place to start.

Updater says you’ll want to answer these questions when deciding to DIY move or not:

  • What will your budget allow?
  • How much time do you have before starting a new job/school?
  • How far is your new state from your current home?
  • How much stuff are you moving?
  • Are you traveling with a family?
  • Do you prefer to have more control over how your things are packed and moved?
  • Can you manage a lot of heavy lifting?
  • Do you mind strangers moving your personal belongings?

Know what’s important enough to spend extra money on. We all want to save a few dollars, but sometimes the value of keeping things orderly equalizes the cost of spending more money. If you know you have limited outside resources to get your current residence packed up and ready to move, hire a moving/packing company with experience with out of state moving.

Let’s face it, sometimes you have to decide if you’re taking on too much! It’s okay to ask for help from professional movers. Hiring a moving company could save you and your family a lot of stress and allow you to focus on other important things. All you will have to do is create a list of every item and box that goes on the moving truck. Have a friend or family member mark the boxes and items as they come off the truck. Here is a great resource for locating qualified movers near you!

3. Cleaning and other prep

Make sure your new place is squeaky clean and small repairs are complete before your arrival. A common mistake made by state movers is not being prepared to move in properly once they’ve arrived in their new state. After a long haul into a new state, you most likely will want to be able to move into your new home as soon as possible. Reduce your workload by hiring a cleaning company to prep the new space for your arrival. The realtor that sold the property may also know a local handyman for small repairs. Never hurts to ask ahead of time!

Quick tip: You can include this as a requirement in your closing statement. Your Real Estate Attorney can help you set up a request for repairs and cleaning as a part of your closing process. Learn more about how a real estate attorney like attorney Ben Weaver can help you keep your move on track and assist with closing negotiations!

4. Protect your security deposit

If you are currently renting and moving into your first home, make sure you leave the property you are leasing in good standing so you can receive your security deposit! A deep clean by yourself or through a professional cleaning agency will do just that.

“If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, hire someone to give your place a thorough cleaning. Having a professional cleaning company come in and make the place sparkle can help guarantee that you recoup your security amount. Plus, it saves your landlord from having to do it themselves or hire a cleaning service to do it last-minute, which could be expensive.” Zumper

Check out these tips to help ensure you get your deposit back! If you have questions or concerns about exiting your current lease, your real estate attorney can advise you on the details. Learn more about the pros and cons of buying vs renting.

5 Tips for Moving Between States Seamlessly - 23 Legal
5. Gather important documentation

Several documents will need to be updated and revised once you move out of state. These important documents may include the following:

Updating your credit cards, bank accounts, and billing address cannot happen until you change your State ID. Some states allow you to start the process before you move as long as you have proof of closing information. Here is Illinois’ Secretary of State guidelines for acquiring a new driver’s license!

“When moving to a new state, you’ll have plenty to take care of. Rules and laws vary from state to state, but many states require that you update your driver’s license within a certain time frame. Even if it isn’t required, you’ll want to change your information with the DMV anyway so that you can register to vote in your new state.” Updater

Do I really need to update my Living Will? Yes!

Living Wills can have different requirements depending on the state. This is why it’s important to speak with an experienced real estate attorney, such as Ben Weaver, prior to your move, about updating your living current will. Even under normal circumstances that don’t involve moving out of state, living wills require updating as our lives change. There are also situations such as your previous power of attorney living in a different state than you once you’ve moved.

This may or may not affect you but, it’s best to get the facts from an attorney with experience in creating and modifying wills. In case of an unfortunate circumstance, you want your family to have all the financial protection you can offer them! Don’t have a living will or unsure of how to update one correctly? Get a better understanding of how attorney Ben Weaver can help you revise this vital document.

Bonus tip: Take any personal financial information and important papers with you on your person. Buy a red box or red tape to put specifically on this box! These papers should never leave your sight. They travel with you during the move. The last thing you want is to misplace your birth certificate. This will help you avoid identity theft and the stress that comes with replacing essential documents!

Interested in learning how a real estate attorney can be of assistance during this time? Find out how Ben Weaver can help keep your move organized and on track!
We hope this guide will make your out of state move as seamless as possible. Moving doesn’t have to be a challenge. Approach this time in your life as a genuine adventure and opportunity to grow! Wherever life takes you, attorney Ben Weaver wishes you the best.
We hope you have an enjoyable moving experience!
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