Achieving Your Real Estate Goals with 23 Legal

Achieving Your Real Estate Goals with 23 Legal

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Do you have big real estate dreams for 2023? Whether you’re a homeowner, a first-time buyer, or an investor, partnering with a trusted professional real estate attorney like Ben Weaver is a great place to start!

From developing a comprehensive estate plan to writing your last will and testament to setting your dependents up for success, 23 Legal can help you achieve your real estate goals with ease. Maybe you’ve been wanting to resolve a dispute with your landlords, review your home insurance, or start using real estate as a secondary income.

With an experienced lawyer like Ben Weaver on your team, you can rest assured that all your legal documents are taken care of, and you’ll receive the best advice on how to proceed with your endeavors. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make 2023 a year of real estate success for you and your loved ones!

Setting Real Estate Goals in 2023

Here’s a snapshot of what property and investing goals you can aspire to this year:

  • Develop your estate plan. Estate planning may sound like something you can delay, but according to expert attorney Ben Weaver, it’s something that can’t wait. Live in the present, but plan for tomorrow. Estate planning isn’t exclusively about how your assets will be managed after you pass away. It’s also about how your investments can bear fruit in your lifetime. It will help you navigate retirement, disease, and disability, care for your loved ones, pay off college, etc. Whether you’re Gen Z looking to retire early, a millennial seeking to invest in real estate, or a Baby Boomer looking to set your children up for success, estate planning is a good and necessary place to start.
  • Write your last will and testament. Embracing the inevitability of death can be tough to grapple with. But planning for your estate after you pass away is extremely important. One of the fundamental ways to accomplish this is to create a last will and testament. With changing family structures and preferences, having a will ensures that your estate is divided and distributed. While some laws and regulations dictate the distribution of your estate and assets, they may not work out to your loved ones’ advantage if you don’t write your will.
  • Set your dependents up for success. In case something happens to you, you wouldn’t want your children, or anyone dependent on you to be left alone to fend for themselves. Estate planning helps you secure their future and manage their needs even when you’re not around to take care of them yourself. Trust funds, revocable living trusts, and special needs trusts, are instruments that help manage assets and fulfill the needs of those you want to take care of. You will need to appoint guardians and grant power of attorney to people to continue managing affairs when you’re not around.
  • Locate and update your important documents. Consider the important legal documents you should have: deeds, wills, power of attorney, and titles. Do you know exactly where they are? Are they protected and have you made copies? It’s important to keep track of these legal documents so you don’t have to stress out about where they are, should you need to provide them. Once you have them organized, go through these documents and determine whether or not it’s time to update them. Do they include all your loved ones, are there people you want to remove, or do you wish to change who has power of attorney? All these questions will help you update your documents so they’re ready whenever you need them for anything.

How the Experts at 23 Legal Can Help You Achieve Your Real Estate Goals

Buying or Selling Property

If you want to buy or sell a home, your first instinct may be to turn to a real estate agent. But if there’s someone who can help you deal with all your estate planning requirements, it’s a real estate attorney. We can bet that you won’t find a better one than 23 Legal’s very own, Ben Weaver. With raving 5-star reviews, vast experience, and a customer-focused approach, he’s the attorney you need on your team to make sure your real estate deals and plans flow smoothly. If you’re still not sure, here’s everything Ben can help you with and more.

Carefully Reviewing Legal Documents

Any real estate plans will involve a lot of documents and paperwork littered with legal jargon that can be overwhelming to deal with alone. Don’t sign anything before having a lawyer review it! Ben can handle all documentation for you, negotiate, and craft documents without you having to worry about anything. Having foolproof documents can save you from any issues arising later. There are a lot of federal and state laws that you will need to comply with when buying/selling a house or setting up a trust. Incomplete knowledge or being unaware can put you at a disadvantage and may even create trouble for you down the road. An attorney, well-versed in the law, can help you navigate this tricky landscape so that you come out winning!

Contract Negotiations

Realtors can ensure you get the best deal, but an attorney will secure your interests. They will negotiate the best deal for you long-term and protect you from any mistakes or liabilities. We’ll make sure you comply with all laws applicable (including zoning) and save you from any pitfalls. We can also facilitate home inspections and maintenance obligations to ensure you don’t face any repercussions as a buyer or seller down the road!

Saving Time and Effort

Investing in property, selling a home, or working on your estate planning can all be very time consuming and require A LOT of effort and detail. When you have work and family to take care of, these things tend to fall to the bottom of the priority list. Let us remove this stress for you! An attorney can take care of all legal documents, deal with multiple parties involved, and manage everything on your behalf, saving you time and making the process effortless for you. 23 Legal can also offer advice on the best course of action to take, saving you time from research and decision-making. Having an attorney taking care of your affairs ensures that you don’t get stuck in unnecessary matters.

Closing and Post-Closing Requirements

Real estate deals and plans can get messy and complicated right at the closing. Things might not always go according to plan or there may be some bad surprises at the last minute. A smooth closing process not only signals a successful deal but also should prevent any future disputes from arising. Loan closing processes may also be involved, increasing the complexity of the matters at hand. An attorney can deal with all these and more, offering you a smooth closing, and ensuring that all important matters have been looked into. What a relief!

Offer Expert Advice

The goal of estate planning is to protect your interests and ensure your well-being. Real estate decisions are major life milestones that cost time, money, and energy. Let us help you make sure things are done right! The decisions you take have lasting consequences and hence it’s important to make calculated and wise choices. An attorney with decades of expertise already knows the ins and outs of the real estate landscape and can create a customized plan tailored to your unique needs, with your best interests at the forefront.

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Attorney Ben Weaver

Is there something you’ve been putting off until now, like selling your home or establishing a will? A new year offers us the opportunity for a fresh start! Wouldn’t it be great to tackle some of your long-term real estate goals this year? 23 Legal is ready to help check things off your list in 2023.

Not sure what needs tending to? Estate planning is always a great place to start and will help you navigate retirement, disease, and disability, as well as care for your loved ones and pay off college. Writing a last will and testament ensures that your estate is divided and distributed according to your wishes, so you can make sure your dependents are taken care of.

With the help of a real estate attorney, you can make sure your important legal documents are up to date, get the best deal when buying/selling a home, and have peace of mind that all your affairs are taken care of. Investing in real estate can be a time-consuming and complex process, but having an attorney on your team will make it effortless and ensure you come out winning! We’re really your one-stop-shop for all real estate legalities.

A trusted real estate attorney is a resource that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you need a lawyer to help you with title transfers, setting up trusts, or planning your estate, look no further! Reach out to Ben Weaver today and let’s get started on achieving your goals for 2023.

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Why Choose 23 Legal

23 Legal offers Real Estate and Estate Planning legal services to individuals, families, community associations and small business owners throughout Chicagoland. We know how intimidating “the law” can be. In fact, when most people think of law offices, they think of stuffy leather chairs, huge wooden desks and pompous lawyers who charge outrageous fees. That’s not us! We believe in 1-to-1; the same lawyer should work with you all the way through. Whether you have an estate planning issue, family trust concern, or you have a legal problem in regard to a new home, business, real estate or remodel, you need a lawyer who cares. That’s where Ben comes in! We are great listeners; more than that, we are lawyers who believe that our clients always come first.

Attorney Ben Weaver is an expert in Real Estate Law for Arlington Heights, Prospect Heights, Mount Prospect, Des Plaines, Glenview, Park Ridge, Wheeling and the surrounding communities.

Contact attorney Ben Weaver for assistance with real estate in 2023!

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