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Myths vs. Truths of Working with a Real Estate Attorney

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Halloween is on the horizon as the leaves change to amber oranges and crimson reds. Every spooky season comes with the usual scary stories, urban myths and legends that can leave you covered in goosebumps!

You’d think these scary tales only existed to spook children. Yet, stories of woe and fear exist with real estate transactions as well. Over the years, attorney Ben Weaver has dispelled all kinds of home buying, home selling, and real estate myths for apprehensive clients.

Let us put your fears at ease! Get the truth about the real tricks and treats of working with a real estate attorney. 23 Legal is ready to blast all myths from your future real estate endeavors once and for all…

Check out our guide to myths vs. truths of working with a real estate attorney!
Myth #1: Lawyers are not looking out for your best interests.

This common myth is perpetuated by the lack of understanding of the benefits of hiring a real estate attorney, leading many people to DIY their real estate endeavors by simply watching youtube videos or downloading PDFs.

While you have the option to do these things, we warn you to be aware of the potential dangers! We’ve heard countless stories of mistakes made while selling or buying property. Commonly these stories begin with: “We tried to complete this real estate transaction by ourselves, without an attorney…” What generally follows this sentence is avoidable mistakes that make us cringe knowing it could’ve been avoided.

Attempting to sell your home or buy a home without the legal aid of a professional attorney is never advised. An experienced real estate attorney can foresee potential problems and guide you through the process of completing your real estate transaction effortlessly. Learn more about what a real estate attorney does on our blog!

“Ben is outstanding. He is real informative and works with you every step. Will definitely use Ben again and again. Good job Ben.” – Dr. Ray, Google Review

Myth #2: You can’t sell a home in the fall or winter months.

The urban legend of not being able to sell your home in the off season comes from the notion that people only purchase homes in the spring during the typical moving season. Have you been wanting to put your home on the market but are fearful of selling your home in the fall and winter months?

This idea that homes can only sell in the spring is a limited and dated perspective! While people prefer moving in warmer temperatures, that doesn’t mean they won’t move with the right motivation, such as an incredible offer, or moving due to change of job.

By giving potential buyers more options on viewing your home, you can broaden your reach of buyers no matter the season. With digital walkthroughs and 3D views of properties, your home can be seen locally and even be considered by out-of-state candidates. Are you in the process of moving to Illinois? Read our guide to moving state to state seamlessly!

Digital isn’t the only reason why selling a home in the fall and winter is possible. Sometimes, people have no choice but to find a home during these seasons. The key to selling during this time is that your home needs to stand out on the market! Try some of these creative tools to sell your home during these seasons.

“Great to work with! Truly knows the process. Great communication throughout the entire sale and purchase. highly recommended!!” – Amy R, Facebook Review

Myths vs. Truths of Working with a Real Estate Attorney- 23 Legal

Myth #3: Only millionaires need to create estate plans and wills.

What’s a horror movie without a huge mansion and an old (deceased) millionaire’s family reading his will right before all the action starts?! We hate to break it to you, but not everyone who has a living will or estate plan is a millionaire!

Young adults like millennials are becoming far more responsible with their assets, legally creating estate plans and living wills with a trusted attorney, such as Ben Weaver. This age group is now seeking a financial foundation and committing to building wealth early on.

It is crucial to have a plan for what to do with that wealth if something happens. Attorney Ben Weaver is here to assist people of all ages and backgrounds with estate planning! Are you unsure about what estate planning entails or how to get started? Get the facts about estate planning and why it’s a necessary form of protection for people of all ages…

“My fiancée and I were introduced to Ben from 23 Legal by our realtor and we are pleased with the outcome. Ben assisted us during our closing process, kept us up to date with changes/adjustments, and on the day of the closing, explained the documentation in a concise manner. The closing went very smoothly and we, as first time home buyers, felt we were with someone who can confidently guide us. Ben and his team were extremely polite, professional, and we would love to work with them again.” – David D, Google Review

Myth #4: You can’t protect the estate of a loved one if they didn’t have a will before their death.

The idea of losing a loved one can be beyond terrifying, especially when the person didn’t create an estate plan. When someone passes away, their beneficiaries (spouse, children, or next of kin) will likely receive their worldly belongings based on a final testament or inheritance.

If a will does not exist upon their death, each state has a specific set of laws to regulate how the deceased’s assets are divided among living relatives. When an individual dies without a will or without a valid will, it is called intestate.

Being in this situation without a knowledgeable attorney can leave a family up in arms about who understood the deceased wishes best and lead to all kinds of arguments between relatives. The last thing any family needs during a time of grieving is the stress of figuring out legalities.

A compassionate real estate attorney like Ben Weaver has significant experience with Illinois inheritance law, he can help you and your family navigate through this challenging time smoothly. Read more about Illinois inheritance law on our blog. Don’t have a living will for yourself? Let’s fix that!

Myth #5: Increasing my property value is very difficult.

This goblin of a myth leaves many sellers unmotivated to place their homes on the market, or they set their prices lower than they’d like. Are you worried that you won’t make much of a return on investment on the sale of your home? Not sure what kinds of repairs or renovations would even make a difference?

The truth is a property can increase in value with a little TLC, direction from a professional home stager, and some hard work! Boosting the value of your home doesn’t equate to throwing large amounts of money at your property. There are a variety of simple DIY projects that you or a local contractor can help with to accomplish the property upgrade your home needs!

Many homeowners have no idea where to start on these projects. Have no fear, 23 Legal is here! Follow our expert guide to preparing your home for a successful sale

“Ben helped me close on my house recently, and he was the best! He was very communicative and responsive the entire time and made everything easy & smooth. I’d would use him again and highly recommend him.”  – Doug R, Google Review

Any real estate endeavor can feel frightening, we’re all scared of the unknown. Let us help you reduce your fears! Lessen the number of potential challenges you could face or mistakes that could be made by hiring an experienced real estate attorney.
Don’t let old myths prevent you from moving forward on creating an estate plan, selling your home, or buying a home. Team up with attorney Ben Weaver of 23 Legal to conquer this spooky season successfully!

23 Legal wishes everyone a fun and safe Halloween!

Please feel free to contact us for assistance or with any questions you have. Click here to read 5-star client reviews!

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