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Everything You Need to Know: Moving Expenses


Are you ready to make the big move into a new home? While moving, you may be surprised at the cost of all the expenses involved in making it happen. When budgeting for your move, there are a variety of expenses to consider. From transportation fees to storage costs, it’s essential to be aware of the moving costs involved so you’re not caught off guard!

At 23 Legal, we understand the possible stress, overwhelm, and confusion that can be involved in the moving process. We’re here to help you prepare for this exciting adventure and understand the fees involved so you can help make your moving day as stress free as possible! Read on to learn more about the common moving expenses you can expect and how to create a reasonable budget that works for you.

Preparing for Your Big Move

Before you start packing, it’s essential to understand all the costs involved with your move. The cost of moving is often based on location and circumstances. Generally, the cost includes the following: packing materials, professional packing services, transportation costs (fuel, travel fees, etc.), insurance, and storage fees. If one fee includes another, it may not be itemized, so large bills may be hard to decipher. Additionally, many city and state governments charge taxes and fees associated with the registration of vehicles and the transfer of properties.

When it comes to moving, it’s a good idea to expect the unexpected. Other expenses that may come up include repairs to the moving truck and other vehicles, land transfer taxes, professional cleaning services, cleaning supplies, short and long-term housing, and repairs to the new home. Set a budget to avoid any unnecessary shocks you may get later. A budget will also help you move within limited expenditures and can help you make important decisions.

To make sure you’re not paying more than you should, 23 Legal’s very experienced real estate attorney Ben Weaver is here to help guide you through the process. Let us help find the perfect balance between long-term expenses and short-term expenses! Our team of real estate experts understand the process and can provide you with useful real estate tips to ensure a successful endeavor. With our know-how and guidance, moving can be a stress-free, enjoyable experience.

Everything You Need to Know- Moving Expenses 23 Legal

23 Legal’s Ultimate Moving Expenses Checklist

Are you bringing small children, valuable family heirlooms, or a fur baby on your move? These are all factors to consider. A significant aspect of the move is to make all the necessary preparations to ensure a smooth transition. To help you plan your budget, we’ve compiled a list of some basic moving expenses that you should consider when planning your finances:

Moving Truck Rental

When moving, one option you have is to DIY the move. Rent a moving truck and move all your stuff yourself. Rental trucks can look affordable at first glance but don’t forget to factor in other costs like gas, tolls, insurance, and coverage. Truck rentals advertise great prices that look affordable but do not make a hasty decision. These bills can rack up when you factor in toll expenses. Costs won’t be the only consideration here. There will be significant labor involved which you’ll have to undertake. If you enlist friends and family to help, you’ll likely be offering them food or refreshments as incentives and tokens of gratitude.

Professional Movers

Instead of DIYing the move, you can hire professional movers. They are more costly than moving yourself but will save you the labor and the effort. The costs of moving depend on the number of crew you need, how much stuff you have, and the distance you are moving. Professional moving services also include other costs such as insurance. Moving companies offer coverage which is the liability they agree to take on if any damage occurs. But that may not be sufficient and you might have to opt for third-party insurance. The greater the insurance coverage, the higher your moving expense will be. If you are considering professional movers, get quotes from multiple companies so you can identify who fits your budget. Do not forget to get a breakdown of what the services package entails as companies may have a different breakdown of the costs.

Moving Supplies

Moving also requires packing your stuff and that has costs too. You will require boxes, cartons, and packing tape to say the least. If you are moving on your own, you will also require stuff that will protect your belongings during the move – bubble wrap, and furniture pads. You might also want to rent dollies or moving carts to help make the move smoother and easier and save yourself from any damage during transit. These will add to your costs of moving.

Packing Services

If you are short on time and want minimal effort when moving, you can enlist packing services. These services ensure all your stuff is packed securely, moved, and unpacked in your new home. The service may be more costly than doing it yourself, but you will save yourself the hassle of purchasing moving supplies and organizing everything. Moving companies also often offer this service and you can simply entrust your packing needs to them too.

Cleaning Services

Before moving in, your new apartment or home may require a thorough deep cleaning. Hiring a professional cleaning service is a good idea as they can clean up the space and have it clean and shiny for you as you move in. You will save time and effort and it would be comforting to move effortlessly into a freshly cleaned and neat space.

Service Tips

Tips aren’t a mandated expense, but if you are hiring professionals at any stage of the moving process, you may want to consider them as a potential expense. It’s not necessary to offer any but a tip may be warranted if the pros did a great job!

Everything You Need to Know- Moving Expenses 23 Legal

Moving Fragile Items

When moving valuable or fragile items, you will need to exercise great care. There will be more effort involved than moving standard items. Whether you’re working with movers or doing it yourself, you will need to ensure they are properly wrapped and cushioned during transit to avoid any breakage. Be prepared for extra time and costs that will incur when moving such items.

Storage Unit Rental

If you are in between homes and do not have the space to move all your furniture, you will need a storage unit. The rental will obviously add to your moving costs and largely depends on the size of the unit, how long you will be renting it, and any insurance.

Vehicle Shipping

Alongside your belongings, your car will also need to be moved. Whether you’re driving the rental truck or working with moving services, you’ll need to make provisions for moving your car to your new residence. The best option is to have it shipped to your new place. If you’re driving it yourself, include gas money as part of your moving expenses.

Managing Post-Moving Expenses

Moving to a new home can be incredibly exciting, but it can also be expensive. In the days following the move, you’ll likely find yourself racking up costs associated with transferring services, gathering utility deposits, and more. Then there are the other costs involved in establishing your new home – things like furniture and decorations, housewarming gifts, and supplies. Once you are all settled in, there are even more costs to consider as you explore a new neighborhood and get to know the new restaurants and shops. Don’t forget any possible minor repairs or tools you may need to complete before you can officially move in.

All of these can add up quickly, so it’s essential to know how to manage and reduce your moving expenses. Budgeting is critical, but consider the cost of living when you select a new home. Think through each purchase and keep an eye on opportunities to save with sales and discounts. Lastly, don’t be afraid to get creative in how you furnish your home – buy second-hand furniture, shop at thrift stores, and more. Following these tips can help make your new home budget-friendly yet still stylish.

Work With a Real Estate Expert

Moving can be a hassle, but choosing the right place to live and understanding the expenses associated with it can make the transition smoother and less overwhelming. With careful preparation and a budget plan, you’ll be ready to tackle all the costs and logistics involved.

Whether you need budgeting advice, assistance finding the perfect property, or help navigating legal issues with the closing, attorney Ben Weaver is ready to be of assistance. Find out how we can help take care of all of your real estate goals this year.

So get ready for your big move and study the tips we’ve provided to make the process less stressful and more affordable!

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