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Exciting Home Decor Trends to Consider in 2023

We are well into 2023, and it’s about time we start talking about your goals for the year! For many homeowners, renovating and updating their home is an excellent goal to strive for. When was the last time you made some changes to the design or interior decor in your house? A fresh year is a great reason to freshen up your home!

Or maybe you just bought your first home. Congratulations! A new home is a chance for a new start and making joyous memories. Take full advantage of making this special space truly yours. That starts with personalization. Adding your family’s style and unique touch will really make this new house feel like home, sweet home.

Are you planning on selling your home this year? In addition to typical home staging tips, if your house is old or hasn’t been updated in a while, we highly recommend making some easy fixes and repairs. Renovating or replacing parts of your home like the bathroom and kitchen are sure to speed up your sale and even increase your property value!

Whatever your specific real estate goals may be for 2023, it’s important to make sure you love where you live! And for homeowners, that includes staying up to date on the latest home decor and interior design trends. Not only do these trends help to keep your home looking stylish and modern, but they can also increase the value of your home should you decide to sell it in the future.

Plus, while you live in your beloved home, you can create a unique space that reflects your personality and style. With the ever-changing trends in the housing market and home decor, it is important to keep up and make your home a place to be proud of! Here are the top home decor trends of 2023…

Exciting Home Decor Trends to Consider in 2023

Some of these are simple DIY updates that you can probably take care of yourself, while other updates are probably best in the hands of a professional. Let’s take a look!

Bold Colors

Pantone just announced its Color of the Year, and it’s bold, bright, and brave – the Viva Magenta. It’s safe to say that bold colors are going to be gaining popularity as opposed to neutrals. Emerald green, ultramarine blue, and hot pink are also expected to be popular in 2023.

Paint your walls bright, or add bright cushions to liven up the room. A great way of incorporating color can be through accent pieces such as a hot pink chair or a brightly colored furniture piece. If you have limited room to make these changes, add a pop of color through a vase or an eclectic painting or wall piece.

Natural Textures

Homes became the center of comfort during the pandemic. Post-pandemic, the trend has continued, with people looking to incorporate natural pieces and textures to root their homes in simplicity and nature. Natural textures such as wood, stone, and bamboo will continue to be popular in home decor. They also can be made with sustainable materials which has become more important to buyers and sellers as we become more aware of our environmental impact.

Wooden tones and accents will continue to be popular along with stone – the interior designers’ new favorite material. If you’re renovating your bathroom or kitchen spaces, look towards adding stone and wooden accents for countertops and bathroom sinks.

Multifunctional Spaces

The pandemic fundamentally changed our work and lifestyle, with bedrooms and living rooms becoming workstations. Now, people are looking to build their extra rooms as multifunctional spaces. In fact, searches for “home office with sofa bed” have jumped 70% this year! People have added home gyms, entertainment centers, and movie theaters.

If you wish to upgrade your guest bedroom, look to add a workstation. You could use it as a home office or entertain when you have houseguests over.


It’s no secret that many of us own too many things. There are 300,000 items in the average American home25% of people with two-car garages don’t have room to park cars inside them and 32% only have room for one vehicle. In response to people’s need to accumulate things, the minimalist design movement became a major home decor trend and it will continue to be one this year. Sleek designs work great with limited real estate and exude a modern outlook, enhancing the value of your home.

Even accent pieces such as fireplaces now come with sleek and modern options fitting in perfectly into your homes, offering sophistication and elegance without taking up too much space. Investing in minimalist furniture isn’t too heavy on the pocket either, with several amazing options in the market.

Exciting Home Decor Trends to Consider in 2023 - 23 Legal
Mood Lighting

2023 is going to be moody and expressive and one sure way to set the right vibe is through lighting. Softer and warmer lights will be the star this year and they are very easy to install and add to your home.  Mood lighting does more than set the tone of a room. Keep in mind that, on average, we spend more than 90% of our time indoors. Research shows that an adequate amount of light improves mood and energy levels. Lighting can also directly affect concentration, appetite, and many other aspects of daily life.

Illuminate your bathrooms and kitchens to make them more cozy and inviting. Not only indoors, but lighting can also increase your curb appeal if you invest in it smartly and focus on your porch or patio. Add soft lanterns or fairy lights on flower beds and outdoor lighting in your yard to make the house look warmer and more inviting.

Mix and Match Pieces

Homes are a reflection of your style and now is the time you bring it out fully. Gone are the days when everything in your home needed to match perfectly. Welcome to the year of fusion and contrasting pieces.

Bring character to your home by adding antique and modern pieces in one room. Accent consoles or centerpieces can add depth to your room, giving it a more classic feel without going over your budget. You can thrift these beautiful pieces and find treasures at minimal prices. Another simple trick is to move around your existing furniture to change how your rooms look. Restyling doesn’t need an exorbitant budget, all you need is some experimentation.

Kitchen Upgrades

Houses with renovated and up-to-date kitchen spaces are valued higher than those without. Revamping your kitchen could be your first goal of 2023. What’s trending in kitchen design and decor? Marble back slabs, functional islands, and darker colors. Marble back slabs are the new practical addition to kitchen design. They are easier to clean, maintain, and look stylish. Without the grouting and tile lines, the kitchen counter looks seamless, enhancing the look significantly.

Houzz surveyed over 2,000 homeowners for their 2022 report and found that:

  • 80% of homeowners splurge on at least one new kitchen feature.
  • The most renovated feature is countertops (91%).
  • Nearly a quarter (22%) of homeowners use contrasting countertop styles.
  • 57% of homeowners add or upgrade an island for their renovation.

Kitchen islands have become multi-functional. They serve as both spaces for the family to eat and bond over, and as cooking or serving surfaces. However, you can also add smarter appliances and charging docks to make it more multifunctional. In 2023, we are doing away with neutral and lighter-colored kitchens and open floor plans. The pandemic has made people move toward closed spaces, separating the kitchen and living room, awarding more privacy but also making allowances for open, airy spaces.

Dark Spaces

Finally, neutral tones have been designers’ hot favorite. Neutral-colored spaces offered warmth, coolness, and flexibility, but this year, we are all in for moody, deep, and dark spaces. We expect more spaces to have dark and moody walls, with furniture complementing the scheme. So if you’re looking for a color change, you know which colors to opt for this time.

Exciting Home Decor Trends to Consider in 2023 - 23 Legal
Enjoy the Process!

These are the top home decor trends we expect to see a lot of in 2023. Have fun with it! If you have big ideas for remodeling your living space, we always recommend checking with a real estate attorney to find out if there are any zoning laws or property legalities you should be aware of.

Plus, always buy homeowner’s insurance – especially if you have someone working on your property! Accidents happen, protect your home and family just in case there’s an incident during your remodel.

If you want to add value to your home and sell it this year, contact 23 Legal. Not only can attorney Ben Weaver help to negotiate the BEST offers and deals, but he can help make sure the home inspection goes well, and help you identify the necessary repairs your home might require.

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