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Moving the Family? Here’s How to Find the Best Schools

You’ve made it to the point in your home buying process where you’re absolutely sure you’re ready to move. How exciting! You’ve seen many houses that fit the description of what you’ve been searching for. The entire family is excited about this fresh new start and the adventure that awaits.
But, before you sign the dotted line on your dream home, first make sure that you’ll be moving into an area with the best schools for your children. Not sure how to go about finding the best school districts in a neighborhood you love? Did you know that Illinois is home to 859 school districts? Feeling overwhelmed? No need to fear, that’s where 23 Legal comes in!
Being a family man himself, attorney Ben Weaver understands the importance of researching and choosing outstanding school districts. Use this helpful checklist to find an area that exceeds all of the educational desires and needs for your family…
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The best place to start is at the beginning. If you are currently in the market for a home, you are likely using the services of a real estate agent. These knowledgeable professionals have great insight into all the local schools and district ratings. Real estate agents generally have go-to lists handy of the top schools. If you don’t have an agent yet, read our blog about finding a real estate agent with your best interest in mind!
“More than half of all homebuyers with children under 18 years of age rate the quality of the local school district as a major factor influencing their choice of a neighborhood. The quality of the schools is more important than affordability or the buyer’s convenience to schools and shopping, even proximity to family and friends. But even if the quality of the schools in the area where you decide to buy is not terribly important now, it may become so in a few years. And even if children are not on your radar screen, you may still be better off in a school district that takes education seriously.” New Home Source

Here’s How to Find the Best Schools When Moving the Family

Ask Your Attorney for Guidance

Maybe you’d feel more comfortable asking your attorney for school recommendations because he isn’t trying to get you to purchase a home. Instead, Ben is there to be a helpful guide through the sometimes challenging process of buying a home. Plus, Ben’s many years of expertise working with many local families has given him access to a network of key educational information!

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Understand Your Family’s Needs

OpenDoor.com shares: “73 percent said school boundaries were a key factor in their selection, and 78 percent relaxed their real estate wish list to get into their preferred district, giving up things like a garage, a large backyard and updated kitchen. Before you start looking for schools and homes, understand and identify the needs of your family, and build your own list of criteria against which to rate your school options.

Your child’s needs:

  • Academics (e.g. test scores, student-to-teacher ratio, teacher training)
  • Special services and programs (e.g. IEP, advanced placement)
  • Learning style (e.g. lecture-driven, hands-on)
  • Subject matter focus (e.g. STEM, arts)
  • Extracurriculars (e.g. sports, theater, student government)
  • Diversity of the student body

Your needs:

  • Other parents share your values
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Parent-teacher relationships (e.g. PTA)
  • Logistics (e.g. transportation, before and after school care)”
Understanding Local School District Rankings

We all want our children to have the best opportunities that life has to offer! Where they attend school is an important part of this equation. Most suburban school districts create educational track plans. They generally start from elementary school through their entire high school career. When researching school districts, expand your search to future grade school options. This will give you a good perspective of a district’s long-term efforts in conjunction with the student’s educational success. View Illinois school district rankings here!

Moving the Family? Here’s How to Find the Best Schools - 23 Legal
Take Advantage of School Tours

School tours are always an excellent way to get a feel of any new district. This is especially recommended to those making shorter distance moves. It will give you a peace of mind as parents to see the environment your kids will be spending most of their time.

In fact, moving expert Jay Moves reminds us: “If you are planning a smaller move, one that takes you within a few hours’ drive, it’s worth taking some time to drive to your new neighborhood and visit prospective schools. Most schools offer school tours or informational nights for the parents of prospective students.

If you’re able to take advantage of those, you’ll be able to get an in-person perspective and feel for the school’s strengths and weaknesses, the programs they offer, the after school activities they offer, and whether it’s a good potential fit for your child.”

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Planning for Long-Term Success

Children grow quickly! Eventually they’ll be applying for colleges. While looking into a school near your future home, try not to forget that they will progress within that district. Researching schools with higher grades is helpful because let’s face it, little Alex is in kindergarten now, but he will soon be graduating from high school.

Read Reviews

Reviews are always an excellent tool! As you start to get an idea of the area you are moving into, check out some of the reviews on the schools AND the teachers that you’re interested in. The National Center for Education Statistics is a great resource, this website can help you search local public schools in your area.

GreatSchools.org is also a great resource. You’ll see how parents rate schools in terms of teacher quality, principal leadership, and parent involvement. Just as insightful: You can read parent reviews. Plus, many schools now have Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, and if you “like” the school on Facebook or “follow” the Twitter account, you’ll automatically receive updates about events and other school news. You’ll get a feel for the community and social activities.

Additional Tips for Finding the Right School…
  • Connect with Other Parents
  • Seek Out Local Resources
  • Contact the Schools
  • Make a School Wish List

Lastly, don’t forget to let the little ones be a part of the home moving process! Moving into a new area can sometimes be scary for kids. They are being uprooted from their safe place. Try to remind them (and maybe yourself) that this is all a fresh start to a fantastic adventure. Keep them interested in the home buying process with our FUN new comic!

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In addition to sharing local recommendations, there are endless ways that attorney Ben Weaver can be of assistance to your family during the home buying (or home selling)  process! Ben is known for going above and beyond for his clients.
Let 23 Legal help set your children up for a successful future in a wonderful community! Would you like extra guidance regarding moving? Check out our related blogs:
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